Our Games

We’re big fans of FPS games, Role-Playing Games and Real-Time Strategy games, so that’s where we focus our efforts. We also have something between a simulation game and an action game cooking. It’s pretty cool.

Our first game is Offensive Combat: Redux, based on the awesome free-to-play FPS game that U4iA Games was working on when they closed up shop. We played the heck out of OC and were actually in the top ranks of the game.

One of the things we decided when we bought the property was to make it a paid game. You buy it, and you get to play it and you know everyone in the game has invested the same amount. The original OC was also being built for eSports and we absolutely love the idea of being the irreverent neighbor of some of the FPS games that are all dressed for the office, in the eSports arena. Seriously, what other game can you teabag your opponent in without having to hit crouch and stand repeatedly. We’ll have some DLC in the future too, and are kicking around some awesome ideas there.

OCR should be hitting people’s computers in the Summer with a beta in the coming weeks. We’re also talking to the console teams to see who wants to play with us. Everyone seems to think the game looks great, and when it’s running at 300 FPS on Unity 5.6.1 beta, you have to think it might be pretty Twitch-friendly.

Anyway, this is a product page, so we should stop. Check out: www.offensivecombat.com or https://www.facebook.com/OffensiveCombat/ for more info.